Hookem Up Charters trolling fishing trips are tailored for anglers of varying experience levels, including first-timers and children. 

Trolling Fishing Trip Duration and Timing

  • Fishing Trip Lengths: Hookem Up Charters offers trolling trips of various durations, including 4, 5, 6, or 8-hour options, catering to different preferences and schedules.
  • Time of Day: Charter fishing trips can be scheduled for early morning, mid-day, or afternoon. Contrary to common belief, fishing success isn’t limited to mornings; many successful catches have been made during midday or afternoon trips.
  • Fishing Boats – Accommodations: 
    • ‘Hooked Up’ maximum is 16 passengers 
    • ‘Game Changer’ maximum is 20 passengers
    • Lady Raye – Learn more about our boats (link to boats)

Trolling Charter Fishing Method of Hookem Up Charters

Trolling trips involve moving the boat at a slow pace while dragging baits behind at varying distances. This technique is effective for enticing fish, and once a fish bites, it’s time to reel it in. Typically, 4 rods are used simultaneously, employing a mix of artificial, fresh, and live baits based on the target species.

The Trolling Fishing Experience

Trolling trips are well-suited for beginners and kids, providing a comfortable and potentially rewarding fishing experience close to shore or within calmer bay areas.

Hook’em Up Charters trolling trips offer a diverse and adaptable fishing experience. Our fishing charters accommodate various preferences for trip length and time of day and cater to anglers looking for a range of species across different seasons. The emphasis on flexibility, combined with the potential for significant catches, makes these trips exciting, from seasoned anglers to families looking for a leisurely fishing day out on the water.

Panama City, Florida Trolling Fishing Trips

How far offshore do trolling fishing charters go? The fishing grounds are usually a short 15 to 45-minute ride away, with fishing spots typically within 1 to 10 miles from the shore.

Where do we fish when trolling?  Depending on the trip, fishing might occur within sight of land or even within bay areas, ensuring calmer seas, which are ideal for beginners and children.

What time of year are Trolling charters running? & What kind of fish species can be caught?

Early Fishing Season: Spring offers excellent trolling opportunities, especially for catching species like Spanish mackerel, bluefish, skipjack, blue runner, bonito, and occasionally king mackerel. Cobia, a prized spring target, might also be caught by those fortunate enough, as it requires being spotted first to target.

2023 florida recreational saltwater fishing regulations

Progression of the Fishing Season: As the season advances, the abundance of king mackerel and bonito increases, with mahi-mahi and wahoo also making appearances. King mackerel, particularly abundant in summer and fall, can range from 8 to over 50 pounds, with Hookem Up Charters’s record catch weighing 55 pounds.