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Trolling Fishing Charter – Panama City Beach

Trolling Fishing – Florida

Trolling is one of our go-to methods for catching fish on our charters, mainly when targeting pelagic species — those hard-fighting, fast-swimming fish roaming the open ocean. We’re talking about species like King Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, and even Sailfish on occasion.

  • 16-passenger capacity on ‘Hooked Up’
  • 20-passenger capacity on ‘Game Changer’
  • 4-hour, 5-hour, 6-hour, or 8-hour Trolling trips available
  • Short 15 to 45-minute ride to the fishing grounds
  • One to 10 miles from shore with a view of PCB
  • Early morning, mid-day, or afternoon Trolling trips

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What is a Trolling Fishing Trip?

The basics of trolling involve dragging lures or baited hooks behind the boat while we move at a slow and steady speed, usually between 4 to 9 knots, depending on the species we’re targeting.

We let out multiple lines at different distances and depths, sometimes using outriggers to spread the lines apart and cover more water. This way, we create a sort of enticing spectacle for the fish, mimicking a small school of baitfish moving through the water.

Trolling Fishing Trip

One of the benefits of trolling is that it allows us to cover a large area of water and seek out the fish rather than waiting for the fish to come to us.

It’s a particularly effective method when fish are scattered or when we’re hunting for fast, aggressive species that are enticed by the movement of the lures or bait.

The tackle we use for trolling needs to be sturdy because the species we’re targeting are often powerful fighters. We usually use medium to heavy rods and reels equipped with strong lines and typically a variety of lures.

Some days it’s artificial lures that get the job done; other times, it’s live or cut bait. A lot depends on what the fish are favoring that particular day.

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Trolling for Big Fish

These fish normally range in the 8 to 20-pound range and can occasionally reach up to 50 pounds or more. HUC’s personal best is 55 pounds!

We usually see land on these trips and sometimes even in the bay area, where the seas are always calm.

Another thing to remember about trolling: It can be a waiting game. But when that reel starts screaming as a fish strikes, it’s all hands on deck. The fight is on, a thrilling battle between anglers and fish. Nothing quite beats the adrenaline rush of that moment.

Trolling is a part of the art and science of deep-sea fishing that combines knowledge, patience, and anticipation. As an experienced captain, I help you understand the nuances, and with a bit of luck, you’ll get to feel the exhilaration of a successful catch.


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