Deep sea fishing-panama-city-beach-fl
Deep sea fishing-panama-city-beach-fl

Deep Sea Fishing Panama City Beach

Ahoy there! As a seasoned captain running deep-sea fishing charters out of Panama City Beach, BJ Burkett may have a few tales and insider knowledge to share.

The waters off the Emerald Coast in Florida are an angler’s paradise, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. When we talk about deep sea fishing, we usually head out at least 9 or 10 miles offshore into the Gulf of Mexico, sometimes even up to 100 miles depending on the trip.

You need the depth of the ocean to find the big game fish that are the highlights of deep-sea fishing.

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Types of Fish We Find 

And what a variety of fish we find in the Panama City Beach, Florida area. Red Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Mahi-Mahi, and even Sharks.

Seasonal patterns dictate what we target, and federal regulations specify what we can keep. For instance, Red Snapper season usually only opens for a short time in the summer, but when it’s on, it’s a treat for everyone on board.

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Sightseeing While Deep Sea Fishing in Panama City Beach

Now, when you’re out in the deep sea, it’s not just the fishing that’s an adventure – it’s the whole experience.

The sight of dolphins swimming alongside the charter boat, the anticipation as we reel in our lines hoping for a big one, the satisfaction of a cooler full of fish after a long day, and the camaraderie among the crew and guests – it’s something you can’t replicate on land.

Being an expert captain isn’t just about knowing the waters and where the fish are biting, though that’s certainly important. It’s also about ensuring everyone’s safety and comfort.

Safety While Deep Sea Fishing Near Panama City

Deep-sea fishing can be physically demanding, and the Gulf waters can sometimes get a bit choppy. So it’s essential to know how to read the weather, manage the vessel in all conditions, and assist our guests as needed.

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Exciting Adventures Await While Deep Sea Fishing Near Panama City

And finally, there’s the shared joy of teaching, especially for our guests who are new to deep-sea fishing. There’s nothing quite like seeing the excitement in someone’s eyes when they reel in their first big catch.

Panama City Beach isn’t just a beautiful spot for vacationing; it’s a gateway to the adventure that the Gulf of Mexico holds beneath its waves. So grab your hat, put on your sunscreen, and come aboard.


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