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Blue Water Big Game Trolling

Certainly! Blue Water Big Game trolling is all about hunting for the real titans of the sea. It’s about heading farther offshore, into the deep, blue waters where the pelagic species roam. Here off Panama City Beach, we’re fortunate to have relatively quick access to the deep waters of the Gulf Stream, where we can find some of the most prized catches in all of sport fishing.

When talking about blue water big game trolling, we usually target species like Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo, and big Mahi-Mahi. These powerful, fast-swimming fish put up an incredible fight, making them a thrill to hook and a real achievement to land.


Big Game Trolling Details:

  • Trips start at 12 hours and go up to 4 days
  • Trips 24 hours or longer are up to 6 people on Hooked Up
  • Trips 24 hours or longer are up to 8 people on the Game Changer
  • These trips are normally 50 to 200-mile from shore
  • Departure time depends on what species we are targeting
  • These trips can be a little Hit or Miss – But the Big Game HITS are an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

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Technique of Blue Water Trolling

The technique of blue water trolling is similar to other forms of trolling. We set out multiple lines behind the boat, equipped with a variety of artificial lures, teasers, or sometimes rigged baitfish, and then cruise at a steady speed. But when it comes to blue water big game, the gear is typically heavier, the lures are larger, and the boat is often larger and better equipped to handle the open ocean.

The lures we use often mimic the appearance and motion of baitfish, with bright colors and reflective materials to catch the eye of predatory game fish. Different species prefer different types of bait, and part of the challenge – and the fun – is figuring out what the fish are biting on any given day.

Like with other types of trolling, blue water trolling allows us to cover a large area and seek out the fish. But given that we’re dealing with larger game fish in deeper water, there’s an added layer of excitement and unpredictability.

Fighting Big Game Fish with Blue Water Trolling

Blue water big game trolling PCB

Fighting and landing a blue water game fish is an experience like no other.

These fish are known for their acrobatics – high leaps, fast runs, and powerful dives. It’s a physical battle to reel in such a fish, and it requires skill, strength, and persistence.

The poles are tournament-grade 2-speed gold reels costing over $1200 each, the absolute best tackle available.

When you finally bring that fish alongside the boat, it’s a moment of triumph that you won’t soon forget.


The thrill of the chase and the fight is the thrill of a lifetime!

Blue water big game trolling off Panama City Beach offers an exciting challenge for any angler looking for a big adventure on the open ocean. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just looking to try something new, this is a fishing experience that’s sure to deliver a thrill.


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